dadBod to dadRig: Dealing with Fitness Failures

dadBod to dadRig: Dealing with Fitness Failures

Part 2 of the dadBod to dadRig Series

Catch up on the on from the introduction to the dadBod to dadRig Initiative. The series will also include a number of supplementary articles to inform, entertain and help keep your motivation and discipline maxed out .


Failure is a part of life. It’s how we deal with those failures which determines the true nature of our character. Let me tell you, I have failed dismally with my fitness goals so far this year and I’m going to share that with you despite my embarrassment.

Since the big launch of the dadBod to dadRig initiative back in January, I have gained 2kg and my work clothes are so tight that it’s uncomfortable to wear them each day. If I look down from a standing positing, I can only just see the end of my dick. I’m not even 30 years of age for goodness sake.

The point is, this is real life. Losing weight is difficult and set-backs, life circumstances and old habits will take time to overcome.

Many blokes struggle with their weight and body image and it is easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and feeling like you are the only useless fat fuck who can’t see his own dick. It’s much easier to feel sorry for yourself then to act and work hard to achieve your goals, and that is exactly what I have done over the past few months.

The Comparison Cluster-fuck

The problem with comparing ourselves with others is that there is no comparison. We are all individual and we all have our own unique set of circumstances, values and problems.

Take Chris Hemsworth for example. Frankly, I love the bloke. He is built like a brick shit-house, he’s a philanthropist, seemingly good parent and an iconic Australian larrikin. My wife seems to be a fan too.

It is completely unrealistic to compare yourself to a bloke like that. Obviously, he works incredibly hard for the life and body he has built for himself. However, with a net worth of $130M, a personal trainer on tap, excellent genetics and a personal chef preparing nutritionally optimised meals, comparing yourself to Chis Hemsworth is like comparing films produced by Marvel Studios with films produced by DC. It’s simply not a fair comparison.

Remember, he is also already in peak physical condition, unlike us mere mortals. It’s like comparing an elite runner with an amateur table tennis player. It’s chalk and cheese.

The Resilience Resurgence

Now that we have established that comparing yourself with others is counterproductive (although difficult to avoid), it’s time to focus on ourselves.

I failed to achieve my goals because life got busy and I completely lost sight of goals. Work has been horrendously busy, and as a result I prioritised drinking beers as quick-fix for post work relaxation instead of prioritising good nutrition, exercise and sleep. I visited the servo hot box for deep fried processed foods instead of preparing healthy whole food meals.

We were also forced into a snap COVID lockdown where I was required to live at the site camp for a few days which also threw out my routine of travelling home each day.

I fell off the wagon, hard.

That’s ok. Just need to re-focus and have another crack. That’s resilience and it is very important because your best efforts will often be challenged by what life has to throw at you. Your mission is to maintain focus on your goals and deal with the adversity as it comes so you can remain consistent and ultimately achieve your goals.

For me, this is a matter of ceasing empty promises and taking action. As such, I have revised my goals which will be used to measure my success.

Goal Status (revised)

My overarching goal is weightless with a view to transition into performance based goals in the future.

Loose 1kg each week for 16 weeks (in time for anniversary get-away 27/06/2021)Fitness20th June
Run 5km – Run 3 times per week progressively increasing distanceFitness25th April
Complete 3 resistance training sessions per weekFitnessWeekly
My weight-loss oriented health goals

Physical Metrics

This part is a bit scary because although I know I’ve let myself go a bit, I have now quantified how much I’ve let myself go. Again, it’s an important step to take and I’m deciding to use it as more motivation rather than deflation. Here are my metrics and some photos which will be considered the baseline for all progress I make. You can learn more about tracking physical metrics by clicking on this link where you can also download the excel spreadsheet I use for tracking – complete with sexy graphs.

Starting weight: 103.9kg

Physical metrics tracked using the Quintessential Dad Physical Metric Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Template


In the coming weeks I’ll share further details about my workouts, nutrition, inevitable struggles, progress and informative (hopefully entertaining) articles pertaining to health and wellbeing – specifically for dads.

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